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    20 things that ubisoft need to fix in wd legion


    I found this video where explain 20 things that need to fix in watch dogs legion, and i am totally agree with all he said.

    I hope that the team of ubisoft can consider this to make that WDL turns to a better game.
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    With 20 things, I was certain that there would be quite a few things that I would either be slightly or strongly disagreeing with, but I actually have no problems with your list. I'm sure that you will have another 20 down the road too. Anyway, good list!
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    Some thoughts...kinda long-winded, but tl;dr, I agree with most of that list.

    #1 - For the first, I think drink locations already show where you've been with a checkmark, so they might've patched it since April. Not sure about paste-ups, but I guess I'll find that out soon since I haven't done many yet.
    #2 - Had to listen to this one again. I think it would be fine to scroll in neutral areas. In red zones, I do need to be able to reach my gadgets quickly, however. So definitely keep this to neutral areas.
    #3 - I visited Buckingham Palace while my Royal Guard operative was working there, and he wasn't hostile. I'll try to record a video of it and post it here when I can. Let me see if it also works for my Clan Kelley operatives since my Albion officers don't seem to want to work in red zones, but this might be fixed now too? If not, I agree it should be.
    #4 - This is currently being implemented. There is that one animal skull mask from Season 1 Online. There's also a mask that kind of looks like a stonefish? Then, there are special masks that only certain operatives can wear. If they added Welder's to the game with a unique blowtorch OR FLAMETHROWER weapon, that'd be so freaking cool.
    #5-#8 - Yeah, I agree with these. An addition to #8, let me build relationships with Buskers and Transients by giving them money. Their skills are typically pretty niche and random, but it'd be kind of cool to help support them as well.
    #9 - I'd personally have a tough time with this since I'm currently making videos experimenting with different things that get my operatives injured/arrested. lol. I know that's an edge case.
    #10 - Actually, I do like this idea. Kind of like kidnapping, but then you'd have to remove Bail Out (and subsequently Triage) since that's an instant-release perk--give or take a few minutes.
    #11 - They would definitely need to make the AI pathfinding a lot better for this to work because WOW are the operatives/citizens you have to rescue slow and incompetent sometimes.
    #12 - Actually, yeah. I never felt the need to use my Getaway Driver, and considering she's a "skilled operative", it kinda sucked that there was never a mission I felt was good for her.
    #13-#19 - YES!
    #20 - I don't use the radio, but this sounds like a great idea for people who do.

    This guy really saved the best ones for the end. Other than #9 for personal reasons, I agree with all of them to an extent even though some hefty tweaks would need to be made to some.
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    I do NOT want my operatives out of commission for 12 hours! I don't even like that they're out for as long as 1 hour (without police & paramedic perks), but I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree that we should be able to toggle our available gadgets, and especially organize out operatives.
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    I truly agree with all the dude in the video say, specially when he was talking about the paramedic, WDL is a really good sim/sandbox, because the main feature the game was advertising to be sell: PLAY AS ANYONE, so, i really hope, they sometimes, add a update for the profession guys, at least, for the principal one, which is: paramedic, police, first responder. This could give the game, a another point to be FUN.
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    With the exception of #9, the dude in the video is making excellent points and suggestions, IMO.
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