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    Unable to buy the new Kyoshin Hero

    So I was about to buy Kyoshin and enjoy him through and through, until I was about to buy him and was met with "The product you want to buy are not available in your country." To be clear, I am in the USA, and I have seen other people be able to buy the character without waiting the two weeks. Ubisoft, could you please fix this? I just want to be able to play the character. I am not familiar with these forums so I do not know how to insert images to show what I mean, if anybody knows how to fix this, could you please let me know?
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    ubi-smash's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    RadaDa_: Hey there, our team is currently aware of this and investigating the error players are receiving moving forward. In the meantime, if you have any VPN software that you use on your PC, please ensure that it is disabled and test to see if you receive the same error message when purchasing the Kysoshin Hero. Please keep us posted if you receive any new results if this has been attempted. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but thank you for bearing with us as the team continues to investigate this.
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