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    Bought Kyoshin pack, not available to play

    After the update, I purchased the Kyoshin hero pack, after which I went to go and select him to look at his cosmetics. After opening the heroes menu, it told me that he was still in early access and that I had to buy the offer in order to play him. I thought that maybe the purchase hadnít gone through but instead it told me that it WAS purchased and that there was no option to buy it again. I restarted my game and console several times but I still am not able to play him. This needs to be fixed as I have effectively been robbed of my money.
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    Yeah, the same has happened to me on my PS4. It's probably just because everyone is buying the new Hero, so it's slow to process all of them.
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    Kyoshin early access pack

    I bought the kyoshin early access and itís telling me itís unavailable Iíve reset restarted and gone into my store and purchased other items to see if it will update it and make the character available and had no luck Iíve payed money for something and not received what I pay for what I ask is what is Ubisoft going to do about this?
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    Same. Bought the Kyoshin pack and still not allowing me to play with them. Damn Ubisoft, stealing from people now? Tut tut
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    Is it fixed yet?
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    Hey warriors, my apologies for the delay here. We have received reports that players are now able to play the Kyoshin Hero at this time. However, if you have checked For Honor today and still are receiving the same results and purchase the Kyoshin Hero, please keep us posted here and the platform you are playing on. We thank you so much for bearing with us as we resolve this.
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