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    Can't buy the Battle Pass through Steam anymore

    Context: I have previously bought a year or two ago, the Marching Fire Expansion and the Year 1 Hero Pass via Uplay and paid through Steam using money in my Steam wallet.
    I don't have the means to pay via other methods and my only viable option is through the Steam wallet with Steam cards from my local convenience store.

    I have now since returned for the game and I am hyped for the new hero and wanted to show my support for the dev of For Honor by buying the Battle Pass and the new Hero when it comes out. However, I did not have the option to pay through Steam anymore. Only Uplay Wallet, Credit Card or some weird Skrill something I don't even know what it is and never heard of it. I have looked up on Google and Forums but to no avail. I am now turning towards the Ubisoft Forums in hope that I can find a solution to this issue. Once again, my only viable method of payment is through Steam.

    Note: I got the base game for FREE on Uplay when it was offered three years ago when the Marching fire Expansion came out. Meaning I don't own the game on Steam, although I was still able to pay for the Expansion and Year 1 Pass with Steam because my accounts are linked.

    Thank you in advance if you can help me, I wish to continue supporting this game (even though its a love-hate relationship lol).
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    KaZWasTaken: Hey there, sorry to hear you were having some issues with accessing the Battle Pass through Steam. Please note that we recommend purchasing any DLC for our game titles on the same launcher to avoid any authentication issues when accessing the content. You can find more information on our Ubisoft Wallet method by following our article here. If you have any further questions, please keep us posted.
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