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    Simply give up on anything about "realistic" AAA shooter, that doesn't sell, that is not interesting for them, tom clancy is a brand that belongs to ubisoft it no longer is attached to concepts of realism it's just generic brand to simbolize "it has guns or military". I also grew up playing rainbow six 3 and other different shooters like SWAT 4 and inbetween that are more squad and planning.

    I honestly think the game was pretty honest about it wants to be, i have no clue where did people ever think this game lied on it's advertising on any point, yes you want an return to glory from older games, this isn't that and never said it was, it never said it needed realistic gadgets or wasn't going to stylized weird characters. But the market is satured of those things so they are definetly backing themselves in a corner by their own decision.

    I am actually looking foward for this game because i like a shooter that i can just play casually, put some music in the background and relax, but the lack of recoil certainly just made things look generic and having a gallery of rogue wacky characters is something that everyone tried at this point and failed, lawbreakers pretty much showed that you can't boost without having anything ot back it up or you will have a failure, i just think people are being overly harsh because on this for once
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    Originally Posted by xXGhostVikingXx Go to original post
    Don't worry, this game will shut down I less than a year, like Elite Squad, that no one asked forURL
    Why You said this I don't think So, That It happen in upcoming month.
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    I totaly agree with this post and can't add more that what has been said but I do have to agree too with AU_Nexus691 said but here's the thing :

    We're not against that kind of game, R6 extraction or TC Xdefiant because they can be cool and fun for the people who like that kind of games but Ubisoft does the mistake again to use a brand name that we love to catch some players and making the franchice ridiculous !

    We don't like Ton Clancy brand being use to release games like that, it is insulting to Tom Clancy work and fans, we ddin't ask for those games we want a serious TC game.

    Ubisoft we are ok that you guys want to create extraction and xdefiant but make them new IP and don't use TC as name for those games that is what make us angry.

    Stop using and re-using TC name for any game you release and especialy when it has nothing to with TC universe !!!
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    Originally Posted by bloody_Dusty Go to original post
    To my background: I grew up with Tom Clancy games like Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon 1-2, Splinter Cell and so on. Good old times. But times changing and I am fine with that. But what the nametag, the brand "Tom Clancy's" has become, it disgusting and honestly it hurts my heart.

    The final nail in the coffin was Rainbow Six Siege with the ever growing ******** scifi-elements and more outrageous' skins. Then there was Ghost Recon Breakpoint where the playerbase stood up and said: "No. We don't want that. We deserve better" - and Ubisoft listened somewhat. Then there is Rainbow Six Extraction. Which is a disgrace on it is own. And now we have XDefiant. By. God.

    Even if we take the name (both parts actuallym, they pisses me off) out of the game, and pretend this was just another generic shooter, it still hurts to see what Ubisoft stands for nowadays. So here is what some could've hoped for, starting with the Tom Clancy's brand name:

    • Somewhat realistic 6vs6 shooter
    • Somewhat realistic gunplay
    • Somewhat realistic gadgets
    • Somewhat realistic "world", grounded in reality

    What we actually got in the trailer:
    • Overwatch meets Black Ops 4 like 6vs6 shooter
    • Non recoil gunplay like in CoD (the recoil is visual only right now)
    • Complete BS gadgets, ripped out of the worst scifi-ideas the Ubisoft universe offered
    • I have no idea in what world all of this will fit together
    • An art style from color hell, as attention grabbing and kids friendly as possible

    I am really shocked to see a game that smells "corporate" all over and is basically a mix between Black Ops 4, Overwatch and some SciFi-crap from the Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division Franchises, melted together in the Snowdrop Engine which proved to be very cheater-friendly and very buggy and full of exploits, using basically all the assets from The Division 1 and 2.

    Is there hope? Yes. This can be a good game. A fun game. But right now everything presented is the opposite of it, the reaction from fans, players, media and literally everyone is clear: This is a game no one asked for. And I am pretty sure there would be a place and a time for an game where the best of Tom Clancy's meet each other. It can work. It can be fun. But so far it looks generic and soulless. I really hope they will step up their game and reconsider feedback after august and will show that a game like this CAN work. If done properly .
    The trailer and the gameplay offered so far screams "corporate decision" by suits who needed money for their shareholders in 2022, not a game crafted by ideas, vision and love. Hopefully I will be proven wrong. But the last couple of years Ubisoft is trying to catch every trend (last: Hyperscape) instead of leading from the front and bringing unique, challenging games. How cool could've been a 6vs6 realistic competitive shooter in the Tom Clancy universe? But this is not XDefiant (the name alone makes me cringe). Please Ubisoft, proof me wrong.
    Man this much negativity over a game because it has customization and uses tech thats a little out there (its called getting creative) if you want the game you knew and loved go play that game because that game is the literal only one thats exactly like it. you cant live in this fantasy world that because its not your style its garbage and should be thrown out. if they just released the exact same stuff theyd get bagged on like every sports game and cod is right now... let them get creative! go into the game open minded and experience it for what it actually is instead of going in biased and comparative over every aspect vs your favorite game. JUST MAYBE you might even play it and decide everything about it is what youve been looking for... but if you dislike the entire game from the jump because its not adding up to the good memories you have from that game you loved so many years ago (probably because you forgot the times you got upset after all these years and those happy memories were more impactful to you)
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    I understand that people liked the realistic tactical games but there is a problem with them. They are limited to the ideas of realism. you have a few points on here that are correct about the minimal recoil but all of the hate on Sci-Fi means that you don't like creativity. People will say things like abilities are copied from overwatch but abilities or gadgets are a generalized mechanic that people can specialize in to make a fun game. I never played old tom clancy games my first one was siege then division 2 then wildlands. I prefer having the gadgets and all of that stuff over another realistic mil-sim game.

    At most this game shouldn't really be associated with the Tactical side of Tom Clancy but this does match the newer video games that they put out. There are so many people in their mid 20's to 30's that hate this type of game because they grew up with some tactical shooter game or something but a decent amount of people now of days want fast-paced and fun rather than slow-paced and realistic because you can make and do so much more. I hope this game ends up taking more skill than it looks but, besides that, the game should be great. If you don't like it then go play a mil-sim and stop complaining. Have a great day though
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    I love how people come in here complaining that this isn't a full tactical mil-sim without realizing there simply isn't a massive market for these types of games anymore. Look at all the of the great tactical sims out right now and how nearly all of them have dwindling or simply non-existent player bases. Squad is a great example of a wonderful tactical sim and it just isn't finding a player base. People don't want real-world physics, real-world TTK in their games... they just like to come onto forums and claim that they do. There is no mainstream player counts to back up the investment into developing a title like that.

    Look at all of the massive player base shooters right now and all of them save CS are not pure tactical shooters in the true sense. Honestly, I'd love to hear how you would even innovate over something like CS and still have marketability because there aren't really innovative ways to differentiate any new title over other tact shooters of the past if you only want gunplay with no gadgets.

    Seriously.. if you don't want to play XDef.. No Worries, focus on something you do want to play. Coming in here and stomping over to Reddit to complain about how they aren't making the exact game you want isn't really benefiting anyone. Go jump into Tarkov, Arma, Squad, Hell Let Loose or any of other "realistic" tact games that are closer to what you are asking for. Allow those of us that are actually excited about this arena shooter to help shape the future of this title.
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    Played the closed alpha. So all I can say is this: I can not wait for this thing to drop.
    I think a lot of people are going to find this game a lot of fun to play.
    I can't wait to squad up and grind it.
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    I totally concur. I experienced childhood in a time where Tom Clancy games used to convey a specific notoriety of being not kidding encounters with well-informed source material and compensating semi-sensible game play. XD has all the earmarks of being a modest money get, and not what your target fans needs the tradition of Clancy games to be... you need proof? Go look at the Ghost Recon gatherings.

    How do these groups even fit together? The occasions of the Division happen outside of what used to be a common Clancyverse course of events meaning the Cleaners/Outcasts can not exist in similar game as the Wolves. on the off chance that you don't approach your own IP with deference, how would you anticipate that your audience should?

    Simply make a typical mission driven Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon you defeatists! Very don't.... I have little confidence Ubisoft can convey at a pre-2014 level any longer.
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    Ubi as always missed boat

    No one, no one is gonna leave MW to play this

    Reviews are to to it bluntly Not flattering

    Had ubi made it 3rd person ...... then maybe

    It looks like hell, with more sci if bs than star wars

    I predict another fail at launch
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