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    Game asking for activation code

    When i loaded up siege it said "failed to synchronize files" i then closed the app to reopen it. When i reopened it the game was asking for a activation key which im assuming means i have to buy the game again. However when i checked my uibisoft account it clearly stated i owned the game, Anyone know how to fix this issue????
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    Hey MaxOnZen, thanks for posting about this, and welcome to the forums!

    I understand it's asking for an activation key when you try to launch - that sounds most frustratihg! Can you confirm for me which launcher you are trying to launch the game with? Is it directly through the Ubisoft Connect launcher, through Steam, or through Epic?

    Remember that you need to launch the game through the launcher you'd purchased it for. So, for example, if you'd purchased it through the Ubisoft Store, you'd need to launch the game via Ubisoft Connect.

    The reason I ask is that, usually, an activation key is asked for if you're trying to run the game through a different launcher.

    If you're sure that you are launching through the correct launcher, come back and let us know - we'll have further troubleshooting steps in that case
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