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    The blacklist crash & no online problems

    Anyone have any other games that have a cdkey associated with them?

    I have this situation:

    So if you notice when I attempt to redeem zombi it knows that cdkey has already been redeemed & is associated with the account but when I try this with blacklist it doesn't recognise it as valid.

    So if anyone has other games with the cdkey already on your account try to redeem them & see if this issue is solely with blacklist & no other game.

    I'm thinking the problems relate to some sort of check on the server happening at the 23 minute mark where it can't confirm you have a valid cdkey so it crashes the game (which is why playing in offline mode bypasses the check & crash), also why you cannot access the online portion of the game. It simply can't validate you own a legal copy.
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    Hi Gatsurai,

    Thank you for contacting us, we're sorry to hear you've been running into issues getting your game registered/started.

    If you haven't already, to help us look into this, please get in touch with a member of the Support Team through one of the channels below:
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