A couple of days ago I purchased the Homeland DLC for Blacklist, however this content does not appear in game, the two 4E missions do not appear on the SMI.

I contacted support, opened a ticket and requested a refund because the content simply does not become available after you purchase it. After sending them this image as proof that I had purchased it they told me 'The screenshot that you have provided in no way confirms that you have downloaded the DLC, only that you own it on your account' - If I own it on my account why can't I access it in-game and if I hadn't downloaded it then how would it appear on my account?


They are now asking me to 'provide us with an uncropped and unedited screenshot, showing the content has been installed' which is literally impossible as there is nothing to take a screenshot of, as, copied as pasted directly from the Ubi store 'Activation: The DLC will automatically become available in your game and Ubisoft Connect for PC after purchase.There is no need for manual activation' - so what am I supposed to take a screenshot of exactly? Ubi Connect only shows the above image, there is no 'download' or 'install' button to take a picture of so what are they asking for? - Before this thread get's locked I am not asking for support to my issue with the DLC only how to take a picture of something that does not exist, thanks!