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    Radio not playing

    Hi, I've turned the radio off once and now I can't get it back?! I'm long pressing down left on the D pad and I hear a sort of confirmation noise but no radio? I'm also clicking left to change music but nothing still.

    I've looked in settings and music is definitely turned on.

    Any ideas?
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    UbiKoreanBBQ's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Sep 2019
    Hello TomC5991! Thanks for reporting this. Our team has been made aware of this issue, but are needing more information. Could you please provide answers to the following questions? Thanks!

    1. Can you provide a video of the issue occurring?
    2. Are you able to use the "Toggle Music" by "Holding the Left button on the D-pad" to resuming the radio?
    3. Are you able to use the "Change Music" by "Tapping the Left Button on the D-pad"?
    4. Does the issue occur when quick resuming from any other specific game and/or app? if so which ones?
    5. Does the issue occur on Campaign or Online or Both?
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    Same issue

    Hi, so the radio randomly started working again but it's switched off again now. I've tried hard pressing left on D pad and I get a noise which sounds like a confirmation but nothing plays
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    Only campaign

    I've only found this on campaign. I have to restart the game for the radio to work.
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    Ubi-Redbeard's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Thanks for the updates on this, TomC5991.

    Are you able to provide a video of this for investigation?
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