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    You can cheat Super Royal divisions

    Hello! The title is like this because the problem seems to be urgent but at the same time I don't fully understand it.

    The Super Royal mode has a bug when you use Party code. If you queue with Party code in Super Royal with friends to form 2 teams (maybe that works alone, haven't tested) it will queue you in the dedicated room. From there you get yourself a win and then go to the menu. The game says that "You are qualified for the Super Royal" and you need to wait until all players finish the qualifications (takes around 15 minutes). From there you can now joinSuper Royal Finale right in the Master division, but this time you actually being placed with other people instead of dedicated room. After finishing I've noticed that all the players who I was queuing with didn't have latest matches registered at all. They didn't show up on trackmania.io, both for qualification phase that happened in dedicated room and in Finale phase in Master Super Royal with other people.

    I don't know if it applies to regular Royal, but I tried queuing alone, finished the match and it didn't count the win, so it seems to be alright.

    Thank you.
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    It will be fixed today.

    Thanks for your report !