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    How Kill Glitchers. (players inside the wall)

    Many players hide behind the walls to have an advantage over others, behind the walls it is more difficult to shoot them, but from the inside it is very easy to kill other players.

    This link is to give a fair chance to other players who play legally, I do not intend to humiliate or offend anyone.

    The name of the player does not exist so this video does not humiliate anyone..

    I hope the moderators do not delete it as it technically does not violate the forum rules.

    For a fair game and equal opportunities for all.

    Step 1: You need a platform truck.

    Step 2: You can find it as I show you on the map.

    Step 3:

    Follow the video tutorial.



    If you have questions I will gladly answer.
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    It's basically go inside the building with them and use a drone bomb. Might not work in certain locations especially with that player (who if sees this video will probably take your name next LOL).

    I find it easier to just have concentrate fire from all the hunters, eventually he will die. But that requires multiple hunters and cooperation, most of the time it's just much easier to find another game.
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