I have some improvement suggestions for the game The Settlers IV: History Edition:

1. Add an easier difficulty/a casual difficulty to the game, both in campaign mode and Singleplayer mode, for those who needs it more casual/easy when they play the game.

2. Add more cheat codes to the game, that can make it easier for those who are bad at the game, which I actually am.
For instance, a cheat code to:
* Get 100 treeplanks
* Get 100 stones
* Raise all your soldiers to level 3
* Fill all your towers and castles full of level 3 soldiers
* Get 10 more sword warriors and 10 more bowmen
* See everything on the map, including what the enemies are doing
* Turn off all computer players so they can't do anything
* Get 1000 manna
* Get 1 priest

3. I would also like it to be able to change the color of your civilisation, and the computer players' civilisations in campaign mode. Like, player 1 is always red, and player 2 is always blue. I like blue more than red, and I would like to be blue in campaign mode.

Thanks! :-)