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    You can't delete this payment method

    So since I don't think UPlay+ is worth it for me I went in and canceled my account...at least I think I did, but it still says active and monthly and the cancel button is gone.

    Not trusting that I went to delete my credit card info.

    Apparently Ubisoft thinks they should be allowed to keep my CC info whether I want them to or not.
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    So just got this email...but still want myy CC gone on principle

    We're sad to see you go...
    We confirm that your UPLAY+ subscription is cancelled per your request. This will be effective from 2019-10-01.

    Until then, you can still enjoy all UPLAY+ has to offer! If you change your mind, you can easily renew your subscription nd enjoy unlimited access to 100+ PC games.

    You will find the list of games for which your in-game progression is currently saved

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    Hey Conundrum NSA,

    If you go to the Store Tab in Uplay PC and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you will find an option that says Payment information in the footer of the page.

    Click on that and it will show you the payment options you have available, from there you can delete it.
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    OK, but what If I provided my PayPal details and I cancelled my subscription for what it's obviously not working and now when I want to delete this information it goes like this:
    You cannot delete this payment method as it use for your subscription by default..
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    I am in same boat

    I am in same boat dude.

    I also want to delete my payment. I paid with paypal. And get the same message as you.

    Its like there holding your money ransom. So you cannot delete your account.

    The bottomline is. Ubisoft have no idea what there doing. And it could literally take a month to fix.

    There just stalling, biding time, waiting waiting, until the month is up, the free trial is up, then they hope, pray to jesus everything works then, which it wont,
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    True! This is the first time I prise that we have GDPR. If they are gonna collect even 1p. from my account, I'm going to report that.

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    Report ubisoft for false advertising and holding money

    We all should report ubisoft for false advertising and holding our money

    even after that, still our subscriptions say expired

    and we cannot even cancel and delete payments

    they should be made accountable for what they have done,

    free trial, no, we hold your money, thats not free, and thats not even a trial, its paying for a service, even though they use words like hold, its still charging your bank

    there should be some customers service we can report ubisoft to,
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    I would love to cancel but my payment card isn't showing in my account but yet they've taken £12.99 which I can't reverse for 28 days...

    How can you cancel something you haven't got?
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    Hi guys, I was almost about to subscribe to the free trial, but reading this thread made me want to leave it aside almost entirely. I never feel comfortable leaving the details of my debit card on any website for security reasons. I was basically planning to subscribe to the free trial and delete the card so that I don't get charged upon the end of the trial period. I'm aware there is a cancel option, but amidst this messy launch, I'm not entirely confident of having to leave me debit card information in there.

    Can someone please confirm if this issue is still present?
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    Can confirm that there is NO WAY of canceling the UPLAY+ subscription, I just hope they fix it BEFORE the end of the trial
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