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    PS3 & Xbox 360 Controllers disabled on recent Uplay PC update

    About 1 month ago an update came through which broke controllers from working for controlling the game.

    Both PS3 controllers & Xbox 360 controllers are now unuseable. 2 controllers tested on 2 PCs, also tested a controller remapper but no help.

    Issue description: on splash screen, pressing a button will load main game, any controller button input will trigger the UI to change from PC to Controller UI, but NONE of the buttons do anything. So the game can still register the controller exits, but it's ignoring all the inputs.

    This game has been my young Son's very favourite game by far for almost 6 months, now he can't play it anymore, due to some silly update your side.

    Please fix the controllers working again! It's so upsetting having a child beg to play the game regularly. All I can say to him is "the game's broken, I can't fix it"
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    A wired controller might work as a temp fix. I have a Logitech wired controller that you can find often for about $15-$20 and they work great for me.
    This issues has been going on too long now though and really does need fixed.
    People are not going to be very excited about the next version of a game when the devs create a problem like this and can't seem to fix it.
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    Trials Rising behaves in exactly the way described above if it's configured to use a different input device than the one you're using; the controller is ignored, even in the menus, except for the on-screen prompts misleadingly changing to correspond to the controller you're using.

    To fix this, go to Options/Game Options/Input Settings and set Main Controller to Auto and exit the options menu; the game will then accept input from any connected (and compatible) gamepad or keyboard.
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    Thank you!

    Changing Input to AUTO, which requires scrolling down the left window of Game Options, allowed the controller to work again!!

    So I assume the update that "Broke" the inputs, might have just reset these slightly hidden options to a dumb restricted to keyboard option. Then the UI registering ^ Displaying controller button inputs is Very misleading!

    Thank you again for the help NovusOrigine !!!

    My Son can finally play his old favourite game again!

    (a shame none of the actual Devs bothered to help out)
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    I'm glad to hear this fix worked for you; thanks for letting us know.

    I don't know what changed this setting in your case, but I guess it could be a consequence of some other gamepad issue that has been fixed since then.
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    Thank you for providing those steps, NovusOrigine.

    Glad to hear that's been helping others with these issues, ObsidianBeard.
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