1000 Heroz was part of my life, my daily routine, for 1000 days. I only missed 2 days because off grid, and came in 10th in global when 1000 days was complete. It was a sad day when it was over.

I was getting the itch to play 1000 Heroz the other day, so I restored a backup of an iPad from 2013 in order to play it. This old device is on iOS 9. I had to restore a backup because 1000 Heroz HD is no longer downloadable on the app store in US, and the backup was version 1.6, not the final 1.7. I'm not sure why I didn't backup with that version.
I believe the only way for the game to actually play adventure mode is to not be on the internet as it just crashes, or exits.

I would like to request a 64 bit update. I want to play on a new device. It would be nice to have an adventure mode leaderboard that I can actually scroll and beat times with any of the 1000 Heroz with maybe a last completed time. That leaderboard doesn't have to be a server in the cloud, just a local leaderboard.

This game is so fun, and it's so relevant today. Especially with Apple Arcade. This game is so premium compared to most games I've played.

Please consider this!