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    Attacks that hit yet miss slide and so on!

    Support does not work! Slide is worse then before, attacks keep to mis yet hit and hit yet miss! And so on! For honor is dead or what?
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    Ubi-Baron's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Aug 2017
    Hi Mefido7,

    Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear that's been your experience.

    To help us look into this, would you be able to provide us with some video examples, so we can pass this on to be looked into?
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    Provided you(not you but gaved them to support on chat) those videos for more then 1 year ago! And nothing hase been done! So why sould i go true the pain to record again when you did not cared from the first place?
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    Ubi-Litten's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Oct 2018
    Thanks for providing this additional information and sorry to hear you are still experiencing this issue in game. As you are advising you have already contacted us directly with this requested footage I would suggest to update this case with any further details regarding this issue and we will be sure to get this looked into further.
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    I am here after more then 1 year saying nothing hase impoved! I am not saying it is supposed to be perfect yet nothing hase been done! Nothing at all! Hitokiri ghets one leg up and one on the ground and slides all the way to me to hit! Same as before and so on! Lawbringer Highlander i love how they swing their loong weapons true walls like is nothing there! Kensei ally in front of it no problem it will attack true like it's nothing! And i can go on! So for more then 1 year and all is the same! What it means there is no interest to for or improve nothing! Say what you want but the result are the real answer! Sorry but until they will do something about that the game is DEAD and no mi friends will not buy! Made sure they will not buy! Because it does not deserv to be bought in this state after all this time!
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