I Player should be able to sail for one of tree factions: Pirates, England, France, Spain
II Factions compete with each other.
III Naval combat system based on Assasins Creed Black Flag.
IV Fighting on board a ship during boarding.
V Melee combat based on the For Honor combat system.
VI Recruiting crew in ports - during recruitment, it is important which faction you fly under
VII The world map is divided into areas containing the influence of individual factions. Which is changing by players actions.
VIII Crew members can only be recruited in ports belonging to our faction.
IX Each crew member has an individual appearance and name.
X Crew members are divided into classes
1) first officer (the player creates it at the beginning of the game and develops it together with his character)
2) boatswain (responsible for the morale of the crew and their trust in the captain) 3) cannon commander (the better, the faster the crew is) or they shoot more accurately, depending on the skills of the commander) playr
4) gunner (he is specialized in handling cannons but during boarding he can shoot firearms accurately - skills depend on the level)
5) sailor (basic unit that can be freely developed)
XI A player's character honor level is important during recruitment. Some NPCs only want to swim with honor captains, others with low honor level. It should also matter what a given NPC wants, e.g. the number of battles fought for those who are looking for fame or the amount of treasures found for those who are looking for wealth.
XII To make each NPC individual, Ubisoft can create editing tools for players during the beta period along with several missions. Depending on how the player copes, this level and role will be assigned to the created NPC. In the description of their character, players would not only give their name and surname (they would not be repeated), but also create a short description of their character's history, e.g. date of birth, origin, where they came from / how they get to game world.
XIII An extensive character editor that allows not only to edit the character's face, but also his height and figure
XIV The player can edit his banner by selecting already existing patterns, creating his own using the editing tools or using a file.
XV The pirate banner in its entirety shows the graphics chosen by the player, while the banners of the other factions are divided: half is the flag of the dal state that we are swimming, and the other half is the graphics chosen or created by the player.
XVI The player can edit the ship by selecting the side, bow and stern decorations.
XVII The player can also edit the sails by selecting the material they are made of and whether the sails are uniform or have their logo on them.
XVIII The player has the ability to edit the sound of the cannons by editing three parameters: volume, bass, sound clarity.
XIX The player could also choose ornaments on the cannons.

I wonder what do you guys think about those ideas.