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    JUSTICE for 60fps AC Unity on Next Gen!

    I donít know why I havenít seen many posts regarding this important matter during the last couple of weeks.
    Essentially, as Digital Foundry stated (link at the bottom), AC Unity is perfectly performing with 60 fps on Next Gen consoles.
    I have a PS5 and iím actually LOVING playing Ac Unity with this incredible boost, itís kinda totally different game, itís like playing a game how it was always supposed to be and perform.
    Thereís one annoying problem though.
    In order to achieve this frame, you have to play the disc version 1.0 due to the locked frame of the last patch (1.05 precisely that solved so MANY issues about glitches and fps on last gen). This said, iíd like to highlight this post in order to reach Ubisoft (I hope so at least) and expect a quickfix or small update for the new consoles.
    Itís simply necessary: all the digital owners would benefit from the stunning frame rate and disc ownerís life woukd be a lot simpler, they wonít be forced to constantly pause and delete the update which always starts downloading when playing the game or during the update check when the console boots or rests (i had to disable the auto update and auto install feature during rest mode...)

    Please share this and help get Justice for this amazing game <3

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    I would also LOVE to see some sort of a remaster or even just a few fixes like you state here.
    I mentioned these points in my own post too but unfortunatly never got any replies.

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    I completely agree the game running at 60 FPS is a game changer, so if Ubisoft could make a small update to be able to play it patched at 60 on next gen consoles that would be amazing because then digital owners could benefit aswell.
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    Id love a 60 FPS patch for unity!
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    Ubi-Redbeard's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Thanks for the updates on this, folks.

    As the game is no longer in active development, we are unable to guarantee any feedback will be actioned upon, however, I will pass your feedback on to the team.
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    AC Unity 60 fps for digital version

    Please unlock the frame rate on next gen consoles. It would drastically improve our experience
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    I'd love a 60fps patch for Unity a 4k patch for PS4 Pro would be good aswell. Also fix Syndicate for PS5 too.
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    Ubisoft needs to listen

    I think they definitely should release a full patch 4K 60 FPS for ps5 and Xbox series x especially cause of the sale of the digital edition that just happened it would bring a new audience or people might replay
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    Yes please! Bought this on the PS Store, as it was my understanding that Unity would get 60 fps on PS5, the disappointment was there when I noticed it's only for the disc version.

    Please! You have the technology for it, unlock it so we can finally enjoy this game the way it was meant to be played!
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