Apologies, this may not be the correct place for this issue.

I was given access to the BETA version of Rocsmith+, but I am unable to sign in. When I download the new Ubisoft connect Client, I am told to sign in via my email and password (just like this site, and just like Rocksmith 2014); but I am also presented with a further security measure: entering my google authenticator code. Now I have never ever needed this code for any piece of software, ever; but nonetheless the App is installed on my phone. But entering the code returned by google authenticator into the ubisoft client returns an error, saying the code is invalid. The synch/timing has been checked, and it is correct. I have tried over 50 times signing in over this weekend, and always the same results. The code is invalid.

Is there any way around this? Am I SOL? Am I going to have to create a "rogue" ubisoft account just to access this one title, and potentially lose access to all my other ubisoft titles which I have no problems accessing without this Google Authenticator BS?

I am just a little confused and frustrated here, thanks for listening to my rant.