Hi all, I thought of an Assassin's Creed game. I had thought of Assassin's Creed Shadow of Maple Leaf or Assassin's Creed Lumberjack we come back to the gameplay of the assassination. The story will turn in the year 1850 during the Patriot War in Quebec, Toronto and across Canada the Target of our Assassin is * the Family Compact * with the leader of the group who will be Bishop John Strachan, as well as his lieutenant governors, examples John Colborne, Sir Francis Bond Head, etc. It will be for the Algonquin Amerindians of Canada (The Cree, Algonquin, Abenaki, Huron-Wendat, Innu, etc.) because he has a respect for cultures, thanks to the Amerindian peoples they taught our Assassin the liberation of the spirit of the eagle, when our synchronization (his health bar) is full he will be able to free the spirit of the eagle to seek his target over a large area and we will not be able to see him through the walls we will be able to see his footprints , etc, if the synchronization (the health bar) is not complete we could just have the vision of the eagle and we will have to look for our targets as in the first games of Assassin's Creed. Our character will be a Lumberjack, he lives in the middle of the province of Quebec in the woods not far from a Cree Native American encampment, he knows how to read Cree languages ​​and symbols (these symbols can be found everywhere in Canada to find the Shroud Eden), he will be strong, discreet, ruthless, an outstanding hunter (who will have learned hunting techniques thanks to the Amerindians), there are two secret blades, a lumberjack's hook, a lumberjack's ax with two blades or a sword, firearm, bow and arrows or crossbow. He is opportunistic he will see opportunities like dropping barrels or loose structures so he can put dynamite or even cut tree trunks to crush the Templars. he will lend a hand to the army of Frederic Georges Heriot of Drummondville and other armed forces of the patriots of Canada. The game map will be the country of Canada. And there will be places where we can see the great Native American spirits like the Thunderbird, Wendigo, etc. Our Assassin will be dressed in a black leather coat especially the hood and sleeves and along the coat will have black and red checks with some eagle feathers in honor of the exploits he has acquired for help Native Americans. there will be totem poles during our journey in the game, there will be poles to honor and solve the mysteries of ancestors and spirits, others will be hiding places and hidden food, each one telling their story. There will be the police, and also an inspector who will try to stop our Assassin because of the family compact but the more the story progresses the more the inspector will see the truth and work with the assassin to free himself from the grip. of the compact family (the Templars). There will probably be cars, carriages and horses that can be used as a means of transport, there will be places that can be observed such as Hudson's Bay, the Bisons meadow, the northern lights and others. And there will be side missions that we have to save animals. The Shroud of Eden is the artefact that allows whoever possesses it to be invulnerable and blind those who look at its light, but this artefact is separated into four pieces and the four pieces of the Shroud are transformed into a belt of Wampum. One in British Columbia (Gwaii Haanas), One in James Bay (The Eastern Crees), One on the island of Newfoundland and Labrador (The Beothuk) and Nunavut (The Innu) the four great chiefs took the oath to protect the belts and since the discovery of the shroud and its secret the family compact would be ready as well as the crown want the shroud and they are ready to eradicate the Native Americans to have this artifact. To reunite the four Wampums they must find the shrine that is in Saskatchewan in this Shrine the First Civilization changed the Shroud into Wampum because it is too dangerous but to repair the Shroud we must have the four Wampum belts and put them on the table sacred and that's when a blinding light turns the Wampum into a Shroud - that's what John Strachan was able to do. Lieutenant Governors have Chiefs and Minions looking for Wampum Belts and they must be assassinated to reach them and thus to know the secret of John Strachan