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    2D chess boards - skins for Chess.com, Lichess.org and Chess24 (two versions)

    I figure that most of us who grew up on the Chessmaster series, or at least own Chessmaster 11 Grandmaster Edition, have moved on to one of these platforms:
    1. Lichess
    2. Chess.com
    3 Chess24.com

    Yesterday I was inspired by modders like Shaykh https://www.chess.com/blog/Shaykh/do...ay-chessmaster and this other post on chess.com https://www.chess.com/forum/view/gen...er-mods?page=1 to try my hand at modding.

    So here are results. If you still have a copy of Chessmaster 10 or 11 and are active on at least one of the big chess websites of 2021, these are for you:

    2D board for Lichess users

    2D board for Chess.com users

    2D board for Chess24 users (wooden board)

    2D board for Chess24 users (blue board)

    You can now select 4 boards that will skin-emulate the three chess websites.

    To download the board *.dat and *.bmp files, go here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...ew?usp=sharing

    BTW, if you're interested in a very strong Winboard engine, you can't go wrong with Slow Chess Blitz Classic Version 2.6 (20th June 2021). I've included the folder to the engine in the Google Drive link above.

    Frankie Kam
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    Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition Topgun chess set - 3D mod

    My magnum opus....

    ...Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition Topgun chess set.

    My latest version as of Monday 12th July 2021
    What's new:
    1. Emblems are now visible on the pieces;
    2. Mouse hover TOPGUN badge on any square (see h1 example in the screenshot above);
    3. Black and white squares consist of carrier deck white and turquoise painted metal plate textures; symbolically, white represents the sky and turquoise the ocean; the main purpose of these colors are to make the main pieces visibly stand out;
    4. Blacks pieces are now more visible - I changed the previous all-black to dark gray tones;
    5. White pieces have a flesh-tone hue between Maverick flight helmet and khaki vest;
    6. Piece shininess has been reduced, enhancing the look;
    7. Compared to my previous attempt, overall there is now better contrast between the chessboard and the chess pieces. The carrier deck chessboard is less distracting compared to the earlier RIO radar display (light squares) and target recticle (dark squares) look.

    You can download the latest topgun.dat files from here:

    I spent hours on this labour of love. Hope you like it.

    Frankie "Durian Defense" Kam
    Texture resource: https://www.sketchuptextureclub.com/
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    spacebar button stop responding

    While playing chess on Pc the space bar button stop responding plz any solution
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    Originally Posted by modi099 Go to original post
    While playing chess on Pc the space bar button stop responding plz any solution
    Hello modi099,

    Welcome to the Forums!

    In future, please consider creating your own thread rather than adding to old or unrelated threads, so your post doesn't get missed!

    As for your issue, could you please test with another keyboard and let us know if you still lose function?

    Thank you!
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