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    R6 - Data Center Change Xbox Series X

    Hi Ubisoft Team

    I just re-installed R6 after many years of not playing in the hopes of picking the game back up again. Unfortunately the game is not playable for me in Dubai because I am locked into the Asia Data center with no apparent way to change it. Not only will the game not find anyone for me to play with but its barely even a better ping than a european server where the game is still alive with a player base. There used to be ways of using custom games to change the Data center but it seems that this keeps getting patched out. Can you please tell me how I can change to European Data centers so I can actually find a match... otherwise there is a whole region of players that are unable to play your game.
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    Hi ExpatBratDXB, welcome to the forums! Great to hear you've returned to Siege, but really unfortunate you're having connection issues.

    There isn't a way to manually change your data centre on the console version. However, I strongly recommend checking out our connectivity guide, and in particular making sure to reset your network hardware, go wired if you can, and consider contacting your ISP or router's manufacturer and have them help you set up your router's config as per the guide.

    Let me know if those steps don't help, and I'll have some further troubleshooting steps you can try
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