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    Trying to complete the battlepass which I have paid for and finding it really hard as I keep having to quit games. The reason being we are still getting American, Arab, Chinese teams on 150+ pings that just make the game a chore to play. Tonight just to pick an example out of the air after 3 "games" I was 0 for 5 on headshots, and don't even get me started on teleporting drones. I would happily go for a year without content just to get rid of this blatant crutch people are using. Ubi, I have to ask, are you driven more by money, or player satisfaction?
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    What, no copy and paste lazy reply from ubi?. Take your customers seriously. Sorry I'm not a youtuber, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be listened to. The whole honest siege community is pissed at you because we register 1 headshot kill for every 5 headshots, while pingers get to run around like it's cod absorbing face shots and crouch spamming. And you try saying they are at disadvantaged but you tell that to a plat who has just knifed me after being shot in the back of the head a second ago. I pay good money for good internet just to be punished for it. I think I'll level the playing field get myself a chronus and some distant friends in a faraway server. If you can't beat em, eh.
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    Hi Tap-n-Move, thanks for your post about this.

    Although we do look to post on our forums as often as we can, we're not able to do so every day. As such, if we don't get back to you straight away, please don't take this as any indication that we're not always working to make our game as fair as it can be. Indeed, we're continually working, based on feedback like your post, to enact technologies and systems that cut down on exploitative play. We don't have anything we can share at the moment, however.

    Let me know if you've got any other thoughts or questions about this in the meantime.
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