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    we as fans of your games are angry and want to spake out how we feel.

    Please fix our games....we want to play our favorite games again and have fun we do not like the bugs in Assassins Creed. We as the fans of Asassins Creed are upset and angry that we are expecting bugs and other things. We demand and apologies for this stuff like error save games and other things. Also with my time with Watch Dogs Legion since I got the new update I am still having long boot times and that is not normal. Please fix our games with new line of codes and patches to make it better like new better responds times new 4K power quality other things to make us want to come back to the game. We as the fans want all our favorite games working in perfect order no bugs or glitches. Bugs and Glitches has to end. We want our games to be a smooth sailing thing Please do all you can to fix and correct these problems for us.

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    HAHAHA !! That is good one !! LOL
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