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    Audio is just static and noise

    Rocksmith+ was working perfectly fine until it performed a software update yesterday (July 14). I had played it for several days prior to that trying out all the new features. However, since that update, the sound from my guitar when I play a note is just loud static, pops, and crackles. I tried it in RS2014, and my guitar sounds perfectly fine. I have tried RS+ with audio exclusivity on and off but still just get garbled noise when I play a note. I have uninstalled and reinstalled RS+, but that did not fix the problem. Each time I go back to RS2014, the notes sound clear, so this has to be an issue with RS+ and not hardware drivers or anything like that. I would love to continue evaluating RS+, but it is completely unplayable at this time.
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    In options -> Game options->PC settings -> Audio tools turn off the audio exclusivity. But this will increase the lag immensely, so still pretty unusable. If anyone has another solution, lease let us know
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    Same issue and same solution. but as i cant get it to recognise input from my focusrite it doesnt make much difference
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    Same issue here with Real tone cable. Plays fine in RS2014 but static, garbled sound and feedback in RS+. Tried switching audio exclusitivity on and off. No difference that I can tell. Tried adjusting the levels and re-installing the drivers no improvements. Game is unplayable for me at the moment.
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    Unfortunately, I tried turning off audio exclusivity, but that didn't improve anything. I'm just glad to see others having the same issue. Of course, that doesn't make it better as I still can't play RS+.
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    Same issue, fixed by disabling audio exclusivity, but that makes the lag unplayable. I'm playing with a USB sound card which wasn't a problem in RS 2014. Please keep me posted if there's a fix out the somewhere
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    Same issue here. Game is unplayable.
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    sound issues

    having the same problem game works for about half a song then get so distorted cant play have tried using the real tone cable and a focusrite same results.
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    Update - I started messing with all the graphics settings in the game and noticed that the sound started improving as I turned down the graphics. The crackles and pops decreased a bit as I turned down the graphic settings. So I turned all the graphics settings down to their lowest level (or in some cases turned the option off), and now I can hear the note from my guitar. There is still a lot of crackles and pops when I play a note, but I can hear the note. However, the notes sound like a MIDI synthesizer, and not really a guitar tone.

    Before you say it's my computer, I'm running an Acer Nitro 5 with an i5 @ 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce with 4 GB RAM. This should be more than enough to run the game on the highest settings. And it did. The game ran perfectly until the update last week.

    Is anyone from Ubisoft or the game development team reading these posts? It would be nice to get some feedback that they are at least looking into these issues.
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    You could possibly fix the audio problems by increasing your block size or buffer within your audio interface's UI. You may not be able to set it lower than 256 or 512, and latency could be a problem at those block sizes.
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