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    "Your appeal to dispute the ban was denied due to indisputable evidence of cheating"

    I haven't played rainbow six siege in a year or so and as I downloaded the game recently I began to play all was well until. I wake up and see an email saying I was banned on Rainbow Six Siege. i thought it was a scam email but when I got on I was actually banned so I was furious as they stated I was cheating. Its funny because in my games I wasn't even doing all that well. I' haven't even played a ranked match. After sending support emails out to them all was going fine and thought my issue was gonna be resolved but the latest email I got stated "Your appeal to dispute the ban was denied due to indisputable evidence of cheating.". I looked over their policies and the only thing that could of been possibly targeted by battle eye was the dll I have doe Dead Island Riptide but the game isn't even related and the developers of that game support dll's. However, the dll wasn't even open on my pc. I also don't have scripts, macros or anything else but they continued to say "Your appeal to dispute the ban was denied due to indisputable evidence of cheating." Even with the latest update I realized they could go over my matches with the new recording system. I barely even played before I was banned so not even the whole page was filled with matches yet. It was blatant I wasn't cheating and it was obvious there wasn't no aimbot or walls. But I was cheating right??? No, I wasn't. There was also no way I could have cheated. I broke none on the policies and if its the dll for dead island they detected on my pc then they banned me for something a game allows me too. Can anyone help me here?
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    Hi obeyyprincee,

    We are not in a position to overturn ban appeal decisions, either here on the forums, or via our support channels. My apologies that we are unable to help further.
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