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    Siege Server Connection Problems

    So im having a issue when im playing in a online game and in the middle or whenever i will unlock all ops but i cant play them then i will exit the match keep all progress but not any alpha pack progress and it will only tell me connection is required and send me back to the main menu and reconnect me no problem i hope someone can help but its not really bugging me its just kind of annoying
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    Ubi-Milky's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello DetroitResident, thanks for getting in touch with us.

    This sounds quite unusual. So to be clear, you do not own all operators yet, but occasionally, mid game between rounds, when the operator selection screen pops up, it will appear as though you have unlocked every operator.

    You will then try to exit out of the match but you will see a reconnect message, which then reconnects you to the match you left?
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    yes exactly
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