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    Assassin Creed IV issue: can't access to Kenway fleet no more

    Hi, Pc user here.
    I bought Black Flag about 1 week ago. As subject, the Kenway fleet feature worked until 3 days ago, and now keeps say can't connect, try later.

    Aftera a little research, i found out that this problem goes back to 2013.
    How can i fix this?

    Just to know, my connection is ok. I've already tryed with other wifi/ethernet connections, or restarting the router.

    Also i found weird that i cann't access any help from ubisoft support site. I can't send a mail, and the "live chat" is always unavaible.
    Thanks for the attention
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    UbiKobold's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey there tenvlad1, and welcome to the forums. Thank you for contacting us about not being able to access the Kenway Fleet feature. Just in case, can you try verifying your game files and ensure that you are running Ubisoft Connect as administrator?

    Also, if you are unable to create a support ticket here, we also have Ubisoft Support Facebook and Ubisoft Support Twitter Support channels as well.
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