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    Xbox: Assassins Creed 3 multiplayer is down?


    Myself and some friends across the UK and US have not been able to get onto ACIII’s multiplayer for the past week.
    Mostly it puts you into limited mode when it tries connecting, but then when the game does manage to ‘Go Online’ and turn off limited, it then freezes in the menus.

    This is in separate parts of both countries, and all other games work with online connection.

    We have all tried, 360’s, Ones & Series consoles, both disc and download versions where they work for install and play.

    Is this a known issue? I couldn’t see anything about any problems for it posted anywhere?
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    I'm also unable to play Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer all this week

    I'm playing Assassin's Creed 3 backwards compatible on an Xbox Series S. I'm trying to start up a match with three friends. We just played this game together less than a month ago on the same consoles with the same accounts and it was working properly. The game usually takes several attempts to connect to the servers like this other player mentioned, but then even after it does connect the game will completely freeze while I'm working through the menus trying to invite a friend or select the type of match I want to begin. Sometimes I will be able to get to a second or third page, but it always crashes at some point before we can group together and begin a match. We tried this on 7/4, 7/5, 7/6 and 7/8, so the problem has persistent throughout the week.
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    Texas - No MP AC3

    Same, we have all been having the same issue and we frequent an achievement hunting website where others are running into this issue as well.

    So it is NOT just a hardware issue or a regional issue.

    This is an Ubisoft server issue and should be rightfully fixed.

    I literally bought your $30 season pass for AC3 on 360 just two weeks ago in hopes to finally play multiplayer and finish off the game; just to find that I can't even access my multiplayer dlc i bought because your game freezes and crashes every single time it connects to the server. If it connects to begin with.

    Please look into this and get it fixed. I literally don't understand how I can sit there and play backwards compatible Brotherhood on my series X with ZERO issues, yet AC3 which is newer than Brotherhood is broken.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Hey guys, we have Ac3 AA multiplayer community, and starting July 1 we are unable to play as everyone has the same issue - the game hangs almost immediately after multiplayer menu is displayed (have to get out of limited mode).

    On July 9 I have submitted ticket to Ubisoft and have been in lengthy discussion with them. Today (actually late night yesterday) they finally moved the ticket to development team. If any of you in communication with Ubisoft regarding the same issue you can give them my ticket number 14997113 to demonstrate that the issue is affecting everyone.

    Ironically, the support people wrote to me that they were unable to reproduce the issue, which is hard to believe, as all of you reporting it, as well as my game peers.

    Anyhow, we have to wait now. I will try to ask for ETA for resolution or update, but I am not overy optimistic on that. What they told me that any updates will be posted to this forum(s). Since I found this thread, I will pass it to ppl at Ubisoft as additional evidence of the issue. I hope they can update us using this thread as well.

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    Thank you! I also have a support ticket from a few nights ago. My case number is 15028325. I notice the ticket has changed status from In Progress to Escalated after some back and forth troubleshooting my network and going through all the items in the troubleshooting guide with photographs. I had linked in this thread as well as some discussion on TA where multiple people confirmed they are experiencing the same issue, so at this point it is clear to all parties it is affecting several players, and that is noted on my ticket. I will add your ticket number also.
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    Same issues. Hard crash when booting MP. Tried disk version and downloaded version on Xbox One and disk version on 360 same issues every time even with switching to alt accounts.
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    I'm having the same problems as well on an Xbox One, Series X and Series S. I submitted a ticket as well, hopefully they'll get this resolved.
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    My ticket's most recent update says:

    "I've sent this information to one of our internal teams and will need to contact you back via email as soon as I receive an answer from them. We don't currently have an estimated wait time for a response because we could need additional information from the development team. However, I will keep you updated on the status of the case."

    I am quite disappointed I didn't receive this much earlier in the conversation, because I have already sent my router port information and a followed a lot of other unreasonable requests long after it was established that this has happened for multiple players. However, if it's being worked on then I supposed all we can be is patient.
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    After trying everything they suggested, Ubisoft support is telling me to contact Xbox support... ugh...
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    Crazy at this point that so many people are having this issue and we are all still having to just follow basic trouble shooting like that would be the issue.. 😑
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