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    Failed to request product key - Assassins Creed : Revelations

    'Failed to request product key from steam, please try again in a few minutes.'

    This is the error message I am receiving whilst trying to play Assassins Creed Revelations.
    Looking at the Steam Community forums it seems multiple users are experiencing the same issue, also it looks like this has happened previously with multiple games.
    With this being a reoccurring issue I hope they have a quick fix and we can play the games we have paid for.

    From Steam's side (Steam Support) they direct you over to Ubisoft as 'Unfortunately, Steam Support cannot provide the best assistance with games made by other companies'
    I put in tickets from both sides 'Ubisoft and Steam' both are saying their team is looking into the issue but can't give an ETA.

    Directly from Ubisoft Support 'Once there is any new information about this issue it will be posted on our game forums first'

    Let's hope for a fix soon.
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    Adding myself to this thread as I am experiencing the same error upon launching AC Revelations for the first time from Steam (first encountered a few days ago)

    Also received similar messaging from Ubisoft support (aware of the issue and internal team is working on it).

    @Killerdeano009, how were you able to submit a ticket to Steam? Steam only redirects me to Ubisoft. I'll submit one as well as more people reporting this issue could help identify the scope of affected users.
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    i also have the same issue
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    [PC] [Keys/Codes] Failed to request product key - Assassins Creed : Revelations

    I am getting this error after I purchased and installed Assassins Creed : Revelations via steam

    [PC] [Keys/Codes] Failed to request product key - Assassins Creed : Revelations
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    I have the same issue as well.
    Hopefully, they will fix it soon enough as it is highly unpleasant being denied what we paid for.
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    I'm getting the same thing since 07/16 and have been in contact with Ubisoft too and after trying the normal methods they said they are looking into the problem too, and to wait for news, but its kinda disappointing cus I spend money on something that I'm not being able to use.
    I sent Steam a ticket too but no response from them....
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    Im having this problem too, and Ive actually had the game in my library for a while now but only just got to try playing it this week since Im working my way through each AC game.

    Its super annoying for an issue like this to take me out of the zone when it comes to game story, especially since this game finishes up Ezio's story. (Its my first time playing through the AC games)

    I hope this is resolved soon, especially considering the fact that its non-refundable for me having owned it for more than two weeks. Id like to access the content I paid money for.
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    what is UP with Ubisoft? I had to actually DELETE a *.Dll file just to get through the 1st sequence in ACR!
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