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    Ranked 3v3 question about point calculation

    Hello, I've been wondering about the ranking system in ranked games, more specifically about the points that are given at the end of the race. Im currently in silver 2 and yesterday I won the match as MVP and received 16 points for that. Normally I get for MVP win 80 points. Can someone explain to me how does this work? thanks a lot in advance.

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    I would also like to know, has point gain & loss been lowered? I am only receiving ~8 points for wins as MVP, not really sure why.

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    Points gain and loss depend on various factors:

    - Your current rank
    - The current rank of the other players
    - If your team or the other team got MVP
    - If you yourself got MVP
    - Your average performance in the match
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    I'm also having this issue
    I'm currently getting 8 points for a win, 16 for a win as mvp, and the full -40 for a loss. It's basically impossible to make progress this way, I need 5 non- mvp wins to counter any losses
    Also silver 2 if that helps

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    My experience:
    bronze:best win +120, loss -20
    silver:best win +80(30win/50mvp), loss -30
    now gold...(40/40)?
    @ClearwaterTM for clearwater you can fill up my table?

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    I also remember something odd about the last silver rank, I think they made it purposely hard to get into Gold ranks.

    I get 60-80 points for an mvp win in gold 2, but I also remember getting only 20 or 24 as mvp at some point in silver.
    I can't recall how many points I lost in silver, cause it was only one match or two.

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    Can't edit... that was the plan.
    I think the level is alike, not like i said.
    Possible to win +120 in Gold, if all other have Gold rank too!?
    I won +96.
    MVP and no good performance is a bit weird, but OK.
    The algorithm stay interesting!

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    The rank of your teammates is also a big factor. i recently played some games with friends who were ranked much lower (them between 1000-1200, me starting at 2000) and i would gain almost no points at all even with mvp. The higher they climbed and closer they got to me, the more points I started to earn.