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    The game has just stopped saving for me when i reached the mission a gap in the armour, and i have no way to save it. This has been going on for 3 months
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    Watch Dogs Legion mission bug

    I have a problem with an objective not showing in a mission in WDL. I am playing Bloodlines DLC and I was doing the mission called Vigilance. When I died and and it loaded back the objective was no longer there, it's not showing or anything else but I have the mission tracked. I don't have a clue if you can restart a mission but that would be nice. Now I am stuck with this objective/mission not complete and I cannot progress.
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    error Boring-Yam

    Error : Boring-Yam

    There is no description of this error. Not yet.
    Are development engineers unaware of this error?
    This error is a fatal issue that is still occurring in all online modes.
    Please improve quickly.

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    The Ratpack achievement doesn't unlock on XBox Series X either
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    In online my aiden doesnt have his mask
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    Hello, still have the stuttering bug on PS5. Still can't finish the game.

    @ubisoft can you tell me when it'll be fixed?
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