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    Rocksmith+ Audio issues

    Playing Rocksmith+ with my headset was causing the audio to buzz and be distorted. I'm not running with an interface or anything or using any third party cables- the headset is a Corsair Vengance 1500 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. I was confused why this would happen in RS+ but not in 2014 so I did a little troubleshooting.

    * Tried different USB port
    * Tried different guitar
    * Tried restarting
    * Toggled audio exclusivity

    * changing the AUDIO BITRATE TO 16 bits, 48000 Hz, turning off audio exclusivity, and making sure that my spatial sounds were off for the headset audio was the answer. I'm not sure if I found a bug but I did find a solution if you face something similar.

    Hope this help and SHRED IT BROTHERRRRR!!!!

    - mattatttaq
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    Hey there MattAttaq,

    Welcome to the forums! This is great information, thank you for the solid write up, and for sharing your findings here! I'm sure others will find this useful.
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