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    Rocksmith+ Arabic songs

    is there going to be any Arabic songs in the new game ?
    because i heared that will be diversity in the songs
    we have a legendry band here in the middle east
    its called the brothers band or in Arabic (فرقة الاخوة)
    and its from bahrain
    here is some songs from the band :


    can you consider adding this band songs in the game
    thank you
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    one of the best bands i ever heard
    listen to this songs
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpXRHByjpeA listen to the solo in the song 4:36
    i want to herar your thoughts about tha band guys
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    They seem to write quite alright pop-rock music. Nothing wrong with that, but I personally get a bit bored if it feels like I know the song before I've heard it, which is a staple of the genre.

    I quite like the bassist in the band! He has some cool lines.
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