I have A.R.R.C. mod introduced. I have altered it a bit. Presently I have all riches on all islands and submerged levels.

I'm searching for an approach to build stockpiling limit of stockrooms. There is 999t impediment for each island. Have anybody attempted to expand it?

I was glancing in pretty much every document in RDA records, however I was unable to discover it. I need to expand it to 9999 or even 99999.

I was simply ready to build stockpiling of manufacturing plants. For instance: mines can store 10t of item and afterward it stops creation. Ranches and different industrial facilities can store 5t of item. I have expanded it to 1200t. One hindrance is that freight carriers stand by till 12t of item is in plant stockpiling, they won't gather it if there is under 12t. I was attempting to alter values in transportmanager.csl (in Data0.rda and patch5.rda and patch8.rda in the event that I recollect accurately) yet it didn't help. So I have now some additional capacity. In any case, the best arrangement would be more space in stockrooms. sipotek visual Inspection

Would anybody be able to help where is the worth that limits greatest capacity limit of distribution center?

Much appreciated ahead of time