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    Desktop after Conviction

    I had Conviction uninstalled for a long time. Then some time after I got a new computer with Windows 10, I reinstalled it in Ubisoft Connect. A window said it was installing Direct X, and the Redistributable file. Conviction loaded perfectly, but then I exited the game, and part of the Ubisoft Connect window was off of the screen. I closed it, and half of the desktop icons on the left were off of the screen. Also, half of the tool bar was off of the screen at the bottom. I always have to reboot the computer to get everything back to normal. Please help.
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    Hasn't anyone ever had this problem before? Really?
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    I just now found out that it is not just |Conviction that does it. It must be the Ubisoft Connect. Why?
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    You mean there’s a New Mexico?
    I play on XBOX. But,
    I do recall that when I had to reload the game (something drastic happened to the XBox and I lost everything) But I do recall that there was something about resizing the screen in the set up menu.
    Perhaps there is something like that causing the issue?
    Have you posted over here https://forums.ubisoft.com/forumdisp...Player-Support
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