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    [30/6/2021]Missing DlC after update ubisoft connect

    Follow title and cant connect to anno 2070, it write "unknown error occurred".
    I try back to offline, then missing dlc deep ocean.
    Anyone got solution?
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    Me Too

    I have the same issue, when the game starts shows "unknown error occurred" and i cant log in and play the game. Also i tryed to reinstall the game, fix archives and install it in other computer, but shows me the same issue, so the problem its not my computer, i think it's ubisoft.
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    Ubi-TheBerry's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Jun 2020
    Hey there guys,

    Sorry for our delay in getting back to you!

    Are you still receiving this error or missing any content in-game since the maintenance concluded?

    Thank you!
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