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    Trees look wrong under lamps in shadwos

    When trees dont get light from the sun, but light from lamps in the shadows, they just look wrong. I ruins the deco on a map I was trying to make.

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    Hey sm.Unrider, welcome to the forums, and thanks for getting this screenshot across to us. I can see how the trees lit from lamps look all a uniform brightness, which isn't ideal.

    I suspect this happens because everything in the game has a base brightness that is higher than zero, so with most of these trees being unlit, they're all just that same uniform brightness. I can imagine this is ideal for an arcadey racing game where you want to be able to see everything, as opposed to an atmospheric game where shadows matter more, but I agree that it doesn't look great in this screenshot.

    You may wish to make sure to add additional lighting to have things look prettier, but I'll certainly also pass on your feedback. Let me know if you've any further thoughts or questions