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    WD1&2 New console gen upgrade and more

    Watch dogs 1&2 should be ported/patched (whatever the fight terminology is) to the new generation of consoles (Xbox Series S&X, PS5) with raised FPS to 60 and a raised resolution to 4K. This has been accomplished on division 2 so it should be able to be accomplished for the watch dogs series.

    Control customisation should be added as-well to change the controls just so you donít need to play one and get used to the other after.

    Less input delay (I donít know if thatís the low FPS that makes my inputs feel laggy)
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    Not going to happen.
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    Originally Posted by KmarkoPL Go to original post
    Not going to happen.
    I know most of the stuff I listed isnít going to happen but surely they will port both WD1&2 to new gen consoles
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    Watch dogs 1

    That would be great
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