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    Add these Advanced options for better FPS & more

    Since many people have FPS issues or other graphics Issues related to reflections lately, I suggest you could give us a few more graphics options so we can:
    1) Improve our FPS or fix flickering, by turning off unnecessary reflections, particles and shadows
    2) Tell you which options were the biggest improvements, so you can find out more easily what's causing FPS drops on certain systems, for example AMD related Issues.
    I also added some Quality of life suggestions alongside

    Players and Ghosts:

    Please give the players the option to:

    - Disable reflections on other cars
    - Disable Speedometer on other cars
    - Disable boost flames on other cars
    - Disable skid marks for other cars (So I can see which are mine)
    - Disable particle effects (Dust@Dirt, Splash@Water etc.) for other cars,
    - And maybe a "transparency" slider as suggested in the thread about fainter ghosts.
    - Disable other player's skins (Maybe loading some skins can cause Issues? Give them default skin of their country instead)
    - Add a key to hide teammates ghosts in Matchmaking and Royal or change the current option's name and function from "hide opponents" to "hide other cars"
    - Add an option for club members to highlight your own car (only for yourself)with a white or colored shine

    - Disable sound of other cars (My onboard card has only 32 channels I think, sometimes my engine has no sound at the start, bad for dirt or ice)
    - Disable knockout warning sound in royal

    - Disable ice reflections
    - Disable reflections & shadows on moving pieces
    - Disable reflections on screen blocks (animated sign)
    - Disable reflections on plastic

    Notifications: (new)
    Do not display colors in notifications- Hide join / leave notifications
    - Hide position notifications ("XY claimed the 1st place")
    - Hide checkpoint split times and position

    Would be awesome if I could get at least 120 stable FPS on my 240 HZ monitor.
    If I turn on other cars in a full game, I get drops down to 40-50 FPS, if I turn them off it's 90-120. (120 is cap)
    So something about the other cars just causes FPS to drop significantly. But only if it's too many cars.
    I mean sure I can always disable cars, but it feels a bit lonely. Sometimes I like to see other cars.

    If you got any other Ideas for possible FPS improvements or tweaks, I'd happily add them to my list.
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    Yes, the advanced options would be really helpful, especially with knowing that there are more options in "Default.json" file.
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    The speedometers cause really annoying pixel flickering for me, especially when driving behind 10-20 ghosts.

    It doesn't sound important but I'd really appreciate if I could just disable them. Seems like an awful waste of GPU resource.

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    My computer is lagging at 35-40 fps for standard 45sec maps and 18-20 for the most decorated ones, even if my settings are low.

    As an old TM player, I have the feeling that TM2020 doesn't offer something that bettter regarding the visual quality but with lower performance regarding older TM. it's disappointing me a little.
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    I agree with all this.

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    Add ingame options for those 3 default.json lines please:

    "VehicleReflectMaxCount" : 1, 
            "LightFromMap" : "all_vehicles",       
            "ReflectEverywhere" : "enabled",
    Apparently it helps reduce lags on older Hardware, if you disable reflections altogether.
    Please also give us some documentation like a wiki of sorts, to see all the possible options in the default.json and explain what the commands do exactly.
    If that's in a text file I missed, nevermind.

    Sorry for necroing / bumping, but if I edited a 3 month old post nobody would notice.
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    We definitely need more advanced graphics options in the game UI.