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    My list of requested changes
    1. Better note highway thatís larger and easier to read. Arpeggios are difficult to read. Itís hard to see if you missed the note or hit it correctly. Get rid of the soundscape as itís distracting and useless. An audiences like RS14 was encouraging at least.

    2. Add feature that were in previous versions.

    I use score attack to improve my timing and improve getting flawless performances.

    Leaderboard challenges are great for seeing how I compare to others. This encourages me to work on scoring as high as possible.

    Non stop play is great for playing for a period of time with tyke down time between songs. No trying to figure what to play next.

    Multiplayer was great for playing locally with others. Playing with others motivates me to play for longer periods of time and allows for helping each other with learning the song and pushing each other to improve.

    I personally donít use session mode or the tone designer but know others really enjoyed those features. It would be awesome if Ubisoft launched a updated version of guitarcade. It would get used more if thereís not so much time between each attempt.

    3. Support for playing 6/7/8 sting guitar and 4/5/6 on Bass would be a big improvement. A lot of modern metal uses these extended range guitars so it only make sense to support them.

    4. I better way to filter songs like RS14 us another feature that is missing. Currently it take going through a few screens in order to filter songs. A quicker easier method from the Home Screen should be standard.

    Overall I find RS+ promising once the issues are hammered out. Iím sure there will be a better library of songs once the game launches. Note detection seems to be very struck and when compounded with lag it can be very frustrating to play. Improving the lag and loosing up how struck note detection would go a long way in making RSS+ more enjoyable. Iím sure Iím missing some things but this is a good starting point.
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    Not having Nonstop Play is a complete and total dealbreaker for me. I have thousands of hours on RS and I still use that feature every day as my main form of bass practice. Rocksmith+ could be free and I'd still stick with RS2014 if the difference was Nonstop Play. This whole thing is looking like a total bust for me.
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