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    Please fix the servers ubisoft!!!
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    Ubisoft, cmon. Is this really the best look for a company marketing a new game? Pls fix the servers.
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    far cry 5 ps4

    Same problem here and not only me, because my friends also don't see any sessions
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    Pls fix arcade servers
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    Fixed this time. Hope it lasts!

    Thanks Ubi-Chiral !
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    Nothing is fixed on PS4... Dead servers, no people...
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    PS4 is still dead. pls fix it
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    Please fix farcry servers
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    Fallen-Champ's Avatar Senior Member
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    Last 2 days on PS4 nobody hosting, never seen this before there is always a game to join so would guess something is wrong.
    Also I was playing some solo maps and had 2 crashes where game goes to blue screen and crash report page - wondering if its something to do with the last Sony update on PS4 ?
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