So I had a thought. As dom matches or breach matches go on people unlock their fire flasks, spear storms, staggering blow and other great tier 4 feats. The match changes from a combat situation to trying to find the best moment and place to utilize these really powerful and useful feats. I feel like having feats that are really good at just destroying the hp of an opponent are really counter balancing in terms of the core combat of the game. I would like to know everyone's thoughts on feats serving a different purpose. What if feats were designed around assisting a hero in enhancing its existing strengths or improving on its weaknesses. For example feats like conqueror, thrilling comeback, haymaker, bounty hunter, etc. Also including feats like fury, berzerker, inspire and rush. I do not mean to engage in the idea of how good or bad these feats are compared to the other feats that I have not mentioned. The point I am trying to highlight here is that these feats try to promote a certain playstyle or promote the hero to do something. Just to name a few off, Haymaker promotes cent to make more use of his punches, thrilling comeback pushes you to try and hold your ground and get revenge when you are outnumbered, inspire may push you to clear the minion lane with your minions. The feats promote something that the hero can do. I think this concept of feats assisting the hero in some way is absolutely brilliant and all feats should do this. Feats like long bow, spear storm, fire flask, and catapult just to name a few are not what I believe the game should include. The style of feats that I am recommending would try to boost the strengths of a hero or assist with its weaknesses. For example shaolin has a feat that heals him when he attacks from qi stance. What if highlander had access to a feat that allowed him to heal when he attacks from offensive stance. What if assassins had access to feats that heal them or give them stamina on deflects. What if lawbringer had a feat that improved his parry punish damage instead of having access to so many explosives. I would appreciate if you were to not tackle each of these examples in a direct sense. Please do not support or not support the individual examples I give as these are just examples to support my main idea. What I would like you to focus on is the idea of feats being an enhancement to the moveset of a hero rather than just a button you hit that kills someone. There are many different ideas on how some of these feats could be implemented. But I would like to know the communities ideas on how this implementation of feats could change the dynamic of the game.