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    Suggestion: A better way to help players use the +XP bonus function in matches.

    Currently when I select my hero, I get the option that asks me if I would like to use a "ticket" or use scrap to get bonus XP in a match. Doing this each round uses up scrap, and at an almost exponential level each time.

    I was thinking about this, and began to think there may be a way to make this function better, and promote playing in multiplayer with other players instead of just bots.
    I suggest a change to the +bonus XP interaction between players.

    If I hit the +XP bonus button before the match queues up (and it is just me who decides to give the bonus XP), then I use my scrap normally. BUT, if myself plus 2 other team members on my team use it, the amount of scrap consumed is cut in half for all of us.

    If 4 out of 5 of us use the +XP function on the same team in the same match, it is FREE and costs no scrap.

    If ALL FIVE players on both teams use it, we get 1.5 times the XP as a team on top of the normal bonus XP.

    I think in this way it would help players to use it more readily, and it would promote playing with people rather than bots for dailies as I know most people including myself have a tendency to do just to get through it as quickly as possible.
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    So if a clan of 4 play, they always get to use their XP for free?
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