May I suggest allowing the IRON TOWER to be built in ANY region (in the next patch)!!!

My main Island is in the Cape with Palace, Zoo, Museum and the Gardens all laid out etc. I have been able to incorporate every DLC so far and have put in a years worth of gaming. I have made a lot of adjustments to get the tourist hotels in and to learn about everything they need and have set up routes for the recipes and made the Island bus routes all over the place etc etc.. Only to discover that I now cannot build the tower and would have to start the whole game all over again or perhaps move my Palace and main attracts to a small island in the OLD world just to accommodate 1 feature (a TOP feature) or just carry on without it and always know the game is incomplete..

I have written this suggestion as I know at least 3 other people facing the same issue. There is no reason for this restriction so it has been made deliberately. The fantastic idea of tourists expansion and what they need is a massive thumbs up from everyone I speak too. Tourists themselves are not restricted to one region so why would the ultimate feature for them be?

Many Thanks
Kind Regards
p.s Keep up the great work. Every DLC has been a plus positive for Anno 1800 and I really hope you will eventually bring a BETTER futuristic Anno one that carries on this tradition of gaming.