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    Controller/mouse icons on game

    we've seen this in other games, why? cause isnt the same (maths).
    in fps games, for example, is known to everyone: aiming with mouse is a lot easier than controller ((MATHS)).
    now in for honor, a DIRECTIONAL fighting game (MORE AXIS MATHS) is inversely proportional than a fps game, when you have a lot more (((CONTROLL))).
    now pc players have this issue, playing with mouse (free axis) become a hardcore experience. (for me bittersweet, cause it feels diferent and win a match feels like something)
    but in high ranked tier, mostly are controller players (im dont saying all are, i reached diamond & for sure others too, BUT for the vast majority suffers it a lot.

    the thing is, i think pure pc players deserve it !

    (sorry my bad eng)
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    Hello, Buddhatesla.

    Please keep in mind that bumping posts goes against our forum rules.

    Continued bumping can cause you to receive an infraction.

    Thanks for your understanding!
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    Hey, thanks for answering. at least it doesn't seem like I wrote all this to nothing
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    You are aware that Mouse and keyboard are much more superior to controller, right? And i dont mean fps, i mean for honor.
    So if you suffer in diamond playing against controller, Well, maybe you are doing something wrong.

    Also, im all about your idea to add mnk and controller icons, would be super nice and appriciated!
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    im much more aware than u. cause at first i don't affirm something like, "just cause i say so".

    I talked about the maths implied in phys
    ¿you know what is a free axis & axis limited by circumference?
    or mr aware just play with controller VERY wrong, and also loses in superiority of conditions. like u said i do without any evidence?
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