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    Messed up political alliances

    In their current states, alliances really don't make much sense. I saved so much money to become Beryl's ally who then declared war on Beryl, leaving me no choice but to be at war with her too, and then got angry at me for it. This is completely nonsensical and frustrating. I hope this will be something they patch at some point.
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    I think that it you're first game session and you are playing the campaing ?

    So you don't know not yet that you may change the AI , don't play with the pirates ,( and whithout AI too !)and keep the more simple like the only one star ...

    Anyways if you may have an alliance with the three ,there are always in war with the pirates ... so just an advice : just stay always only with a trade agreement !
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    If you want peace with everyone and trade with everyone, let's stop at trade agreement. Alliance is gaming, and risk, not worth if, unless you knew who you want side always, and who you want to fight always, then alliance may be use. but neutral ground, it's better not to had alliance, one star is little annoying, always asking for alliance. but star 2 and 3 don't ask much, but star 3 may be hard to keep up and keep trade rights. 2 Star A.I is perfect, more or less, depend who a.i. Star 3 a.i won't make peace once war start, very hard to stay on level for trade right, while one star so easy trade right but downside they keep asking alliance that I had no desire but trade right only.
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    you became allies with beryl, and then beryl declared war on beryl?
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