Hi there!

I'm sure this is all just a symptom of being in a closed alpha state but I've noticed a few things throughout the play test period. No idea if they're Series specific but I also have no frame of reference.

UI: The game seems to be loading in both icons for LTR and RTL language localisations whenever there's a button press prompt. On the flip side, it feels like there's some basic assistive text also missing (like when you land on the first screen after hitting quit to main menu - though it might be there and I can't see it through the watermarks).

Hitbox on checkpoints: Look, I'll admit I come careening down the mountain with a lot more careless abandon than I think was designed for but there's been a few races where I've skimmed checkpoints and not been paid them. I think just maybe the acceptable radius on the y axis needs to increase a tiny bit just for those ones after jumps where you might get an unlucky bounce just to keep it moving. I can see a lot of the ghosts I'm racing having similar problems it seems.

Dialogue overlapping: there's a few speeches in the onboarding experience that will end up playing over each other if the user performs the task at hand too quickly.

There's a lot I like here though so I'm looking forward to the next few betas and the final release.