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    [Feedback] Shoutout to Artwork and Sound

    We are quick to point out what needs to change, and that is ok, but here I want to focus on things that I don't want to change or even have me in awe continuously while playing the game.

    • The voice acting, as far as my non-native english understands, is superb! The comments by the citizens and the full fledged NPCs - even after 1000 hours I did not get tired of listening to them, because the lines are so well written and well delivered. And the extra bit of exaggeration adds that bit of humor that is unique to the Anno franchise. I find myself choosing opponents only by voice and portrait.

    • The character models are very well made. Faces and attire convey the different personalities and apart from the Tourist DLC, they orient themselves by 19th and early 20th century periods close enough with that little dash of stylization.

    • The amout of detail in the world and assets is stunning. From the animals roaming around to the cliffs and shores on the islands, to the ships raising their sails, to the little backyards and posters on the houses and the turquois water in the New World and Arctic. Just pure eye candy and some chuckles, too, e.g. when you find out the Research Center is basically a Game Developent School.

    • Life in Towns has surprising depth. The coaches, people interacting with ornaments, different people according to the surrounding houses, I even spotted a routine for a dog, greeting people and playing with their owner.

    • The first person mode - hands down - is one of the most dreamed of features from older Anno Games. Even though there is again ground clipping here and there, it's a joy to walk around your own creations and it heavily affects the beauty building from above.

    • The loading screens, ornamental UI elements and Music are beautiful to look at and listen to. They transport the mood and feel of the whole game and are just right down my taste alley!

    I do hope this somehow reaches those responsible, because I think they've done an incredible job and deserve to know how much their creations are enjoyed.
    Also best wishes to the whole Anno Team und viele Grüße aus Mainz nach Mainz! Cheers!
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    Great post.
    I played over 500 hours and there are still new things I discover: easter eggs, items / specialist descriptions, even every Zoo animal or Botanical Garden plant species has got a short description (somtimes funny). When it comes to the citizens, there are even strollers and wheelchairs, which is really nice.
    I think we all - Annoholics - love the beauty of the game. Details are stunning.
    Thank you Anno Team, and we do hope for next season of Anno 1800
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    Totally agree even if i groused often about certains games mechanics!

    Like : why some items totally differents have the same face ???

    Imagine you are playing chess with two queens or two fools , one was the king an the other a tower ???you must always read the description of something you knew by hearth !!
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