I would like to say that although I was no AAA developer, I had some experience making games. So I know what goes into the process of creation and its costs. However, that being said we have no idea what resources the For Honor development team has, or what their design philosophy is based off of. However, I will try to find a way to make better use of what seems to be increasingly limited resources for the game.

I would also like to say that this was made on the Reddit as well for formatting purposes. There are custom made charts and other images to help with readability. You can head there and come back if you'd like:

Understanding Current Resource Management

So design philosophies usually have goals in mind, or else they probably would never exist. Ubisoft has not said what their goals are to us, but we can get some ideas as to what they are trying to aim for.

Through trends in the past couple of months, we can see:

Updates and Balancing

Bolstering Competitive play

Increasing content output

All of these things leads to some common goals of:

- most games with a competitive base are known to survive for a long time. Therefore playing the safe game and allowing For Honor to make more money for Ubisoft.

Increasing Sales
- Seen by their inclusion of the Battlepass, lack of unique content, but still giving more content than ever before, shows that they are probably trying to make more money than they had before.

It's important to keep in mind that when working for a corporate company, no matter what it deals with, money is first and foremost. Most products, or in this case games, will be cut off if they don't meet the required standards for money. Think of it as a quota of cash they need to bring in as tribute to the company. So it is important that we keep this in mind when making the new design philosophy as to be as realistic as possible.

"Way of Content" - The New Philosophy Overview

Let's start by giving it a name, the "Way of Content" management.

So lets assume that we have little resources to work with, and we also have to make a large sum of money every year. That's a hard standard to meet for such a game, especially for such a core playerbase that doesn't seem to grow. So it makes sense for the team to add things to make the playerbase grow, as it only makes sense. This can be justified for most of the actions the team has partook in the past year or so.

However, I feel like there is a different way to use the resources not only to bolster more sales, but also make sure what little resources there are, are being put into good use. Take the limited-edition gamemodes for example, where there is a lot of little detail and what sometimes feels like entirely new content at times, only for it to be scrapped in two weeks. This is an example of a lack of using the small amount of resources carefully. So this new idea will try to use the little resources, but keep permanency, and also try to center at the core playerbase but also trying to bring more people in.

Content Focus:
List correlates with the most resources to the least from top to bottom

  1. Hero Changes
  2. Unique Hero Content (factionally staggered)
  3. New Heroes
  4. New Maps / Map Updates
  5. Battlepass
  6. Cosmetic looks for game
  7. Outside spending

We will be forced to pick and choose when it comes to new content, as per following the lack of resources and need to make more money precedents. None of these are personal, but trying to pander to most amount of the playerbase possible, as well as the economics sector.

Categories Omitted from Focus:

  • Signatures
  • Deathmatch
  • New effects except for Battlepass
  • temporary weather changes
  • temporary event map cosmetics
  • universal content (except if it's event-based or battlepass)
  • temporary character versus screens
  • temporary war map changes
  • temporary background changes in main menu
  • Arcade
  • Outfits
  • Weekly Content (in favor of larger/higher quality content dumps)

So with this out of the way, lets delve a bit deeper into it.

New Resource Management: Specifics and Rationale

So the main thing the Way of Content management is that it focuses on content that will please the grand majority of the playerbase while also making money, by only putting resources to where they are needed the most. This means no more temporary changes to versus screens, war maps, normal maps, and the main menu with your character in it. All of these add time to the development process, and spends money that could better be used elsewhere. So temporary content is removed.

However, what temporary content that still remains in the files becomes a new "weather" effect that the game can choose from.


So Hero changes are at the top of the list, this is to provide better playstyle, updates, and reworks that makes the game more competitive and from there have a stronger playerbase, and perhaps even where tournaments bring new players in. It's also for the general health of the game.


Next is Factionally Staggered unique hero content. The basic idea is that new hero content, like character-specific executions and emotes, are staggered by faction throughout the season. It will work like this:

Graph is at: https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/co...ce_management/

In this way, every faction gets something during those "content release marks".

The reason as to why signatures are not shown are because of the fact that not a lot of people are complaining about signatures, at least not as much as the other topics shown above in the table chart. To use what little resources the team has to the best of their abilities, it is objectively best to focus on what the community is talking about the most. Signatures could be added in once we know what resources the For Honor development team specifically has.

However, this new content is going to have to be more expensive in-game, as to keep getting money in order for the game's plug to not be pulled, as well as having more unique content being released.


The next topic is the New Hero, released twice every year at the start of the season. This is to allow them inclusion in the Battlepass, for the playerbase to be happy, allow more people to come into the game, and perhaps have more hype surrounding the game than what it currently does. This is overall a great improvement if the trend of mid-season release was removed, which was instated due to Covid blocking final developments for Warmonger.

It is also important to put these resources in here to make sure that the hero is right for launch, meaning good for the health of the game, makes the players happy, is creative, and can also be fun for the developers to make without it coming down to developer hell.


New maps and map updates are also really important not only for competitive players, but also for the casual ones too. Every new hero season will have a new map to accompany them, while every other season has a map that has been redone/reworked.


Here is a chart for the hero-to-map release for every year:

Chart is at: https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/co...ce_management/


Battlepasses are going to be slightly reworked as well. They can have some genuinely good content in them at times.

Battlepasses should remain the same as they do now, except for one key change, they never expire.

Taking a hint from the new Halo Infinite multiplayer, we can now pay for any battlepass we may want, and can only level one up at a time. This is to increase revenue, have a happier playerbase, and also have more players returning to the game for some more content that they can unlock.


Cosmetic Looks for the game are largely downscaled. At this point, there will be no new weather effects except for the ones made in the past events (for example, a new Drought weather on some maps).

When it comes to temporariness, it is basically removed.

The only thing cosmetically changing about the game is the start-up screen, and the music accompanied for each season. This is to put resources in other areas of better interest.


Lastly, the outside spending. This is used in areas such as making new trailers for E3, or having outside artists make seasonal content (as seen in Year 4). This largely remains the same, the lowest part of the budget on the team. Yet, hype still needs to be created, so that's why it is included.

"The Way of Content" Conclusion

Despite its name being the Way of Content, it tries its best to balance both reworks, competitive play, as well as new content being released for the game, all by using what little resources the game has as smart as it can. This sadly means a lot less of everything else, but from such a cost we upkeep the things that keep the game, and its core community, alive to this day.

So lets end it off with the key things that this development philosophy

  • Remember the Playerbase
  • Create a healthy environment for competitive play
  • No universal content (except for battle pass and events)
  • No temporary content at all
  • Stagger new content alongside reworked content
  • Not make development hell

Thank you for making it through all of this. Please leave a comment if you'd like too, and I hope you enjoyed reading.